Saturday Speakers Hall

Schedule for Saturday, October 15th

In addition to guest speakers (free to attend, donations welcome) at the Yachats Community Presbyterian Church, there will be guided walks 10/14-10/16, hands on workshops on 10/15/22 and 10/16/22, ID tables at the Yachats Lions Club on 10/15/22 and 10/16/22 as well as vendors and themed restaurant menus around town.

More details below!

Mushrooms of The Oregon Coast

Spectacular photographs of mushrooms from the Oregon Coast. 45 minutes with a 15-minute Q & A

From 10:00am to 11:00 am with Jordan Weiss

Jordan has been interested in mushrooms for over forty years. He has led dozens of Identification and cultivation workshops In the PNW since 2006. He believes that having an authentic connection to the natural world through foraging, land- stewardship, and conservation of natural resources is vital for healthy humans and the communities in which they live. Check out www.instagram/jordansweiss for more photos of mushrooms of the PNW.

From iNaturalist Novice to Data Scientist

A primer on the citizen scientist-driven iNaturalist platform and its potential for driving conservation, biodiversity, and phylogeographic research

From 11:00am to 11:50 am with Dr. Michele Wiseman

Michele Wiseman is data scientist and molecular biologist at Oregon State University where she uses modern technologies, such as gene editing and machine learning, to characterize gene functions in plants and fungi. When she’s not conducting her PhD dissertation work, you’ll find her involved in many facets of community mycology ranging from open-source computational analyses of citizen scientist mycological observations to more hands-on outreach by leading community fungal forays.

Cooking with Mushrooms, Making the Most of Your Bounty

The demonstration will focus on cooking with mushrooms, information on individual wild mushrooms, the culinary companions to bring out the best in each species and preservation. $3 cash materials fee collected at door.

From 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm with Pam McElroy and Anna Moore of the Lincoln County Mycological Society

I grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on the shore of Lake Superior.  Started picking mushrooms with my family 67-68 years ago, learned how to cook them, and didn’t need any training to eat those delicious creatures.  

I then spent twenty-five years in Colorado, where the mushrooming is divine!!  Boletus edulis, morels, lobsters, oysters, etc. 

I ended up here on the Oregon Coast over 20 years ago and am one VERY happy fungophile.  Being able to mushroom basically all year round was a new experience, and I totally love it!

-Pam McElroy

Making Mushroom Powders for Culinary Use

How to clean, dehydrate and store powdered mushrooms for culinary purposes

From 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm with Anna Moore

Anna Moore is a long time lover of all things fungal and enjoys mushroom hunting in the Oregon Dunes around Florence OR.

She is an amateur mycologist and photographer, has a science background and a love of the natural world. She retired from UC Berkeley in 2005 where she worked in Environmental Compliance, and now spends much of her time on the Oregon coast hiking and foraging. She has been interested in mushrooms for over 30 years, starting as a member of MSSF (Mycological Society of San Francisco) in 1985. CA.

Legal Psilocybin: Oregon’s Measure 109 and Mycology

An overview of Oregon’s Psilocybin Services section and what it means for psilocybin containing mushrooms in Oregon.

From 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm with Elan Hagens and Dr. Regina Moore

Regina Moore, PharmD is a long time member of the Lincoln County Mycological Society and co-founder of The Psychedelic Pharmacists Association. She is a leader, educator, and advocate for the growing psychedelic ecosystem as well as a community-building expert, writer, entrepreneur, and personal finance enthusiast. She enjoys foraging the Oregon Coast, art (including mushroom art) connecting with other mycophiles and teaching her cancer survivor son about mushrooms and the environment. Regina sat on the spring 2022 Rules and Advisory Committee for Measure 109 and devotes much of her time to interfacing with different stakeholder groups.

IG-@TemptressTruffles and @Fruitingbodiescollective


Elan Hagens has been a lifelong lover of all things to do with the outdoors, animals and art.  As an Oregon born and raised child, she attended every outdoor camp and class that she could participate in.  This quickly taught her about equity and access to nature at a young age.  As an adult she became well known for her work with dogs, participated on a TV show and began training them how to hunt for native truffles.  In 2011 she became Temptress Truffles and started a business providing wild edibles at markets, classes and outdoor experiences.  This career has led her into the life that she dreamed up as a child and has led her into work as a mental health and earth medicine advocate. 2 years ago she founded Fruiting Bodies Collective when the Psilocybin services measure was passed by Oregon voters.  She currently serves on the State Health Equity Subcommittee, and several other drug policy/reform initiatives. Her love connecting people to the joys and healing of nature is what motivates her daily.