Update on the 2023 Yachats Village Mushroom Festival

Hello Fellow Mycology Lovers,

We hope you’re as excited as we are about the upcoming mushroom season! There’s a lot of buzz about the 2023 Yachats Village Mushroom Festival, and we want to clarify something important.

Please note that our team is not organizing this year’s Yachats Village Mushroom Festival. The local Chamber of Commerce is back at the helm, responsible for planning and coordinating the event. For all inquiries or ways to get involved, we recommend reaching out to them directly.

But Don’t Worry, We’re Still Rooted!

Our commitment to mushroom education and community building is far from over. This website will continue to be your go-to source for other mushroom-related activities, events, and learning opportunities around the Yachats area. If you’re looking to stretch your mycelium, we’ll let you know when there’s more to share.

Looking to host a mycology focused event or workshop? Have an idea of an event you’d like to see? We’d love to know about it.

Thank you for your understanding and ongoing support. Here’s to many more spore-tacular adventures together!

A Nod to the Past

Want a glimpse of what the fest was like under our wing? Head to this section for a blast from 2022—historical info, pictures, and the program. Ah, memories!

Join the Mycological Movement Locally

If you’re looking to stay engaged, we highly recommend checking out and becoming a member of the Lincoln County Mycological Society. They’ve been an incredible partner in making the festival happen—handling the mushroom specimens and ID hall, guiding walks, and so much more.

Get Social With Us

Find a cool ‘shroom in Yachats? Snap a pic and tag us on Instagram. We’re stoked to see what you unearth!

Big thanks for your understanding and your awesome support. We’ve got more spore-tacular adventures are far from over!

Regina, YMF 2022 Festival Organizer