Workshops are taking place at the Yachats Commons Picnic Pavilion on October 15th and 16th.

Workshops have limited seating and require materials fee and tickets.

See descriptions and links to purchase tickets (as they are available) below!

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Intro to Mushroom Microscopy

Saturday October 15th, 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

With Jordan Jacobs and James Conway

This workshop will teach a beginner how to prepare mushroom specimens for microscopy, and show some of the important microscopic features of mushrooms. The class will equip learners with the skills to begin teaching themselves about mushrooms under the microscope at home.

Workshop will include the use of razor blade and some chemicals. Parents are required for minors.

25 Participants

Cost: $11

Jordan Jacobs is an amateur mycologist and analytical chemist. Jordan first started learning about mushrooms in 2014 when he attended Humboldt State University in Arcata, California. He became a member of the college mushroom club and the Humboldt Bay Mycological Society, learning about mushrooms by joining forays, fairs, and workshops. Jordan currently lives in Portland, Oregon, where he runs a mushroom analysis laboratory, Tryp Labs. The goal of the company is to better understand the chemistry of mushrooms found or cultivated locally and abroad. On the weekends, Jordan is out looking for cool mushrooms to bring back to the lab to study, or to the kitchen to eat!

Facebook: Jordan Jacobs | Instagram: jordantjacobs | Website: Email | iNaturalist: jordanjacobs

James Conway is an amateur mycologist that has been fungally obsessed for 10 years. Spending most his time studying and foraging both the Adirondack region in the north east and here in the PNW. Currently his main focus is taking high quality photos of the genus Psilocybe and the family Cordycipitaceae.

Grow Your Own Oyster Mushrooms

Saturday October 15th, 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

With Elan Hagens and Jordan Weiss

Pleurotus columbinus, Blue oyster mushroom on straw

A 90 minute Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Workshop

Join Elan Hagens, founder of the Fruiting Bodies Collective and Jordan Weiss Mycology educator and facilitator for the Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Workshop

We will teach the cold-soak method and share pro tips on how to get bigger flushes, other substrates they can grow on + a few delicious recipes.

Each attendee receives their own Oyster Mushroom kit with printed/paperless instruction and resource sheet

20 Participants

Cost: $45

Jordan has been interested in mushrooms for over forty years. He has led dozens of Identification and cultivation workshops In the PNW since 2006. He believes that having an authentic connection to the natural world through foraging, land- stewardship, and conservation of natural resources is vital for healthy humans and the communities in which they live. Check out www.instagram/jordansweiss for more photos of mushrooms of the PNW.

IG-@TemptressTruffles and @Fruitingbodiescollective


Elan Hagens has been a lifelong lover of all things to do with the outdoors, animals and art.  As an Oregon born and raised child, she attended every outdoor camp and class that she could participate in.  This quickly taught her about equity and access to nature at a young age.  As an adult she became well known for her work with dogs, participated on a TV show and began training them how to hunt for native truffles.  In 2011 she became Temptress Truffles and started a business providing wild edibles at markets, classes and outdoor experiences.  This career has led her into the life that she dreamed up as a child and has led her into work as a mental health and earth medicine advocate. 2 years ago she founded Fruiting Bodies Collective when the Psilocybin services measure was passed by Oregon voters.  She currently serves on the State Health Equity Subcommittee, and several other drug policy/reform initiatives. Her love connecting people to the joys and healing of nature is what motivates her daily.

Inoculating Logs and Growing Gourmet Mushrooms – Grow Your Own Shittake

Sunday October 16th, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

With Jordan Jacobs (bio above, Microscopy Workshop) and Jordan Weiss (bio above, Oyster Workshop)

You will learn how to inoculate logs with plug and sawdust spawn. We will discuss which species work well with deciduous and conifers, size dimensions, the right work at the right time, initiation strategy and harvesting. Each workshop attendee will receive their own mushroom log and directions containing where to place it
and how to get mushrooms to fruit.

20 Participants

Cost: $65